3 Things We Love About Our Volunteers

We Heart Volunteers

1) VLSC Volunteers Give Lawyers a Good Name

Every lawyer has heard the jokes about greedy and manipulative attorneys. In 2014, our volunteers donated 2,615 hours of legal services to the community. That’s nearly $1 million in legal services!

2) VLSC Volunteers Make a Real Difference in the Lives of their Clients

Volunteers often meet our low-income clients as the clients confront major life challenges which include often complex legal issues including eviction, custody battles, insurmountable debt, and domestic violence. Whether our volunteers spend 45 minutes with a client at one of our clinics, or take on their case for a full year, they have the opportunity to make a profound impact. Our volunteers are counselors in all definitions of the term.

3) VLSC Volunteers Provide Meaningful Access to Justice

Our volunteers help close the justice gap every day, ensuring that low-income residents of Alameda County receive representation regardless of ability to pay. Last year, VLSC volunteers served upwards of 2,000 clients!

VLSC LogoHelp spread the love, join us!

Are you ready to give back to the community and join the distinguished ranks of the Volunteer Legal Services Corporation volunteers? Check out the volunteer page on the ACBA website, and contact Elizabeth Hom, Director of Access Services, at elizabeth@acbanet.org, or (510) 302-2216.

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