The role of a state high court at the intersection of federalism and state sovereignty

At the ACBA, we’ve been watching the drama unfolding between the Alabama Supreme Court and the US District Court surrounding Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore’s halting of same-sex marriages. (Catch up with background articles here, here, and here) We turned to the experts at the California Constitution Center to explain the role of a state’s high court, and how it intersects with federalism and state sovereignty.

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VLSC Celebrates National Volunteer Appreciation Week

VLSC volunteer are truly amazing – especially our 2014 award recipients: Casey Williams; Pamela Ross; Agnieszka Adams; Phillip Campbell; Nikki Clark; Rachel Dodson; Amy Erb; Eric Handler; Élan Consuella Lambert;
Summer Nastich; Matthew Quiring; Kevin Shipp; Patricia Gutierrez de Sunseri; and Priya Sivadas.

Please join us on May 21, 2015 at Scott’s Seafood Restaurant in Oakland to celebrate their service to our community!

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