Quiz: Are you putting your waste in the correct bin?

At the February ACBA Staff meeting we played a short game to educate staff about the proper use of the three bins in the ACBA office: trash (black bin), recycle (blue bin), and compost (green bin). Are you confused, like the majority of our staff, or are you a separating master? Take our quiz to find out.


Mustard Packet


Clean Cardboard Box


Plastic Produce Bag


Soiled paper microwave dish, wood chopsticks, and soiled napkin


Clean foil chocolate wrapper


Greenware plastic cup


Soiled Foil


Soiled paper bag


Mailing bag


Soiled plastic salad container


Smelly cheese in plastic wrap



Chip bag


Milk container


Bubble wrap mail bag


Coffee cup and lid

Are you ready for the answer key?






  1. Trash (or squirt the mustard in the green bin and the wrapper in the trash)
  2. Breakdown and recycle
  3. Take to your local grocery to recycle (otherwise, trash)
  4. Compost
  5. Recycle
  6. Compost – if you read the cup, it says compost right on it!
  7. Trash
  8. Recycle – try to get as much of the gunk off as you can
  9. Trash
  10. Rinse and Recycle
  11. Cheese can go in the compost, but we wouldn’t blame you if you put the whole gross thing in the trash!
  12. Trash
  13. Container can be composted and the cap can be recycled
  14. Trash – bubble wrap can’t be recycled
  15. Compost the cup and recycle the lid

For more information on “what goes where” in Alameda County, check out: http://www.alamedacountyindustries.com/alameda/residential-containers.html

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