VLSC Volunteer Spotlight: Matt Kretzer

Why do you volunteer with VLSC?
I’m a retired bankruptcy lawyer. When I retired, I knew I would need to get involved in something to keep myself from watching television all day. I also knew that a lot of low income debtors get their bankruptcy advice from non-attorneys and paralegals that not only charge to complete the paperwork, but who also don’t know enough to be giving out bankruptcy advice.

Volunteering for the bankruptcy clinic seemed like an obvious choice for putting my skills to work and keeping me busy.

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Bay Area Legal Incubator (BALI)

BALI provides a two-year program to help attorneys accelerate the launch of solo practices serving low-and middle-income clients in a wide spectrum of practice areas. Local communities benefit from increased access to affordable legal assistance. Attorneys benefit from a shared community and office space, free resources, mentoring and training in emerging best practices and technology.

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Registration to do Business in Delaware Does Not Create General Jurisdiction Over Non-Delaware Corporation

If a corporation qualifies to do business in a state, that corporation is “in” that state, right? It has to send in annual registration fees, appoint an agent for service of process, and file tax returns. Hasn’t the corporation consented to general jurisdiction by reason of its registration?

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