Disciplinary Action – MCLE Reporting

Don’t be like Greg* from Southern California. Greg was listed in the Daily Journal because he was suspended for 30 days for failure to comply with the California State Bar’s MCLE requirements. Greg kept poor records and claimed he thought he was up to date.

Did you know that 503 other Californians (pgs 76-97) were also slammed by the State Bar for being out of compliance?

There’s an easier way. Take your CLE from the Alameda County Bar Association, and we’ll keep track of your credits!

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Need specialty credit? Please join us for a full day of MCLE programs at the ACBA Compliance Countdown on December 16th, worth 6 hours of specialty MCLE credit! Why scramble to meet the State Bar’s requirements when you can knock out all six hours of mandatory specialty credits in one day? Learn more

*name has been changed.

Join the Alameda County Bar Association today!

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