VLSC Clinic Success Story

Taxi sign

Ahmed* came to the Volunteer Legal Services Corporation (VLSC) seeking assistance with a bankruptcy. As an immigrant from Ethiopia and self-employed as a taxi driver, Ahmed was having difficulty maintaining financial stability for his family. Ahmed had racked up thousands in credit card debt in order to provide basic necessities for the household.

Matthew Kretzer, one of VLSC’s most dedicated volunteers, helped Ahmed with his bankruptcy filing. Thanks to Matthew, Ahmed was able to respond to the trustee in his case when asked to freeze his one-man taxi business, a move that would have put his family out on the street. The trustee granted the motion Mathew helped draft, and Ahmed was able to keep his sole source of income and still proceed with his bankruptcy.

*Name of client has been changed to protect his privacy.

Bankruptcy Clinic Flow ChartThe Volunteer Legal Services Corporation is one of the few resources in the Bay Area providing services to people seeking help navigating the often complex bankruptcy process. For more information on our bankruptcy clinics, check out this post.

Do you want to help low-income people contemplating bankruptcy in Alameda County get back on track?

You can donate online 24/7 on our website: https://www.acbanet.org/VLSC/Donate/, or contact Katrielle Veslenio at (510) 302-2209 or katrielle@acbanet.org. Interested in volunteering at VLSC bankruptcy clinics? Contact VLSC Clinics Coordinator Daniela Meza at daniella@acbanet.org or (510) 302-2219.



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